Tuesday, February 16, 2016

C/Site Recordings

C/Site Recordings is a new label from New Haven. I'm going to keep updates coming here. For right now we have launched our store with releases available from Estrogen Highs, Stefan Christensen, Pieces of Fruit, Worn Leather, Mountain Movers, Medication, Phemale, and Jon Eriksen. Website coming soon. First batch of cassette releases coming in the spring, which will include releases from Stefan Christensen, Medication, and more.

Estrogen Highs / Frustrations split LP (brand new LP, final ehighs release)
Estrogen Highs "Hear Me on the Number Station" LP
Estrogen Highs "Irrelevant Future" LP
Estrogen Highs "Friends and Relatives" LP
Jon Eriksen "Shadowanthems" LP
Medication "Don't Die / Fog" 7"
Medication "This Town" LP
Medication "This Town" CD
Medication "Judgment Day" 12"
Mountain Movers "Sea / Space / World" 7"
Mountain Movers "Desertion" 7"
Mountain Movers "Alcoholic" 7"
Mountain Movers "Let's Open Up the Chest" LP
Mountain Movers "Apple Mountain" 2xLP
Phemale "Everything's Haunted" CS
Pieces of Fruit "Sowere Soso" CS
Stefan Christensen "Israel (It's More of the Same)" CS (Night People repress)
Worn Leather "Tape II" CS

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