Sunday, April 10, 2016


Very pleased to announce the release of C/S001, 002, and 003! All are cassettes and all are available now at 

You can check out some samples at

You can also download my release, "Empty Continents," free of charge (or you can pay if you want) at

After the demise of long running punk outfit Estrogen Highs (Trouble in Mind Records), Stefan Christensen has soldiered on with an outpouring of solo recording. 2015 saw him self-release Israel (It’s More of the Same), with Night People Records reissuing the cassette early in 2016. Continuing where Israel… left off, Empty Continents sees Christensen moving into ever more experimental territory, while still maintaining his signature understated song-writing style. With these recordings Christensen moves seamlessly between short solo tracks, long form noise and weirdness, full band jamming, and off kilter pop gems. This album may bring to mind names like Alastair Galbraith, Jim Shepard, Michael Morley, and Peter Jefferies but it’s Christensen’s own voice that shines through so brilliantly. With his new C/Site Recordings label up and running 2016 promises to be a big year with many more recordings to come.

On a tour in 2011 Aaron Skufka first played me Oil Wave Surfers. Unsure if the recordings were truly as profound as I had initially thought or if Milwaukee’s free flowing Blatz tap lines had skewed my 3AM perceptions, I asked Skufka to send the recordings. Upon less inebriated inspection I found the recordings to be stunning. A beautiful melding of synths, guitars, and simple, minimalist effects, Oil Wave Surfers – II weaves it’s way through 15 concise and poignant instrumental tracks. Wonderfully crafted, the album flows from Siltbreeze-esque weirdness to Kraut-Rock jamming, blasts of feedback to driving raw punk-ness. Fast forward 5 years and Oil Wave Surfers – II came to mind immediately when starting C/Site. And upon convincing Skufka of the idea, found out the recordings are actually from 2006. So now a decade after the fact the world can finally hear the power of Oil Wave Surfers. Beautiful artwork provided by Josh Feigert of Wymyns Prysyn and Uniform makes Oil Wave Surfers – II a truly gorgeous package.


Since debuting in 2008 on HoZac Records Mikey Hyde’s Medication has been a powerful voice of outsider punk. 2011 saw the release of the expertly crafted Judgment Day EP on Sacred Bones, and since then it has been relatively quiet. With the exception of Home Truths, an extraordinarily limited cassette released for a European tour with Nerve City in 2014, Medication has not had a release since. Those who know Hyde do not find this out of the ordinary. A true outsider and occasionally neurotic individual, Hyde takes time to form his recordings; and thank God he does. Daily Affirmations showcases more of Hyde’s unique song writing and guitar playing. Sometimes driving and electric, other times whimsical and acoustic, and always with a remarkable sense of melody through the hazy bathroom echo, Daily Affirmations shows an artist unbound by conventions, with his feet firmly planted to display his sole and solitary voice.

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