Thursday, August 18, 2016


New sounds up at sound cloud for C/S007 and 008, which are debut cassettes from Headroom and Secret Treaties. Headroom is a far out psych project led by Kryssi Battalene of Mountain Movers/Medication/SC+Friends/Colorguard and features Stefan Christensen and members of SC+Friends, Estrogen Highs, Procedure Club, and alexander. Secret Treaties is KB and SC noise/psych guitar duo in vain of "Guitar"-era Gate. Both cassettes will be available upcoming SC+Friends shows and for mailorder starting next week.

Stefan Christensen & Friends hit the road for some dates coming up. They will have limited edition test press copies of Stefan Christensen "American Pastoral Again" 12" EP on ever/never records with them. Shows are as follows and be sure to check C/Site for dates from alexander, Mountain Movers, and more.

August 19 Secret Treaties in Philadelphia KFN w/ Watery Love and Sparrow Steeple

August 20 Columbus The Summit LOKI FEST w/ Jayfish, Circuit Des Yeux, Richard Papiercuts and Unholy Two

August 21 Cleveland Maples Lanes with Health & Beauty, I.G.M, Lugweight and Nature Camp

September 9 Brooklyn Alphaville w/ Craig Bell & His Band, Richard Papiercuts and Consolidated Plastics

September 10 New Haven Cafe Nine w/ Craig Bell & His Band, Consolidated Plastics, and Worn Leather

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